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The sprinters of the Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, Sergio López and Celia Cárceles, the most outstanding sportsmen in the Sports Merit Awards of the City of Alcantarilla 2017 (29/05/2018)

Those of Youth were, the one of Juvenile Participation, for the Youthful Association of Jugger Alcantarilla and the Young prize of the Year for Ginés Marín Martinez.

All winners received awards tonight at the City of Alcantarilla Sports and Youth Gala

In a night full of awards and emotions, recognitions and tributes, music and great public attendance at the Cultural Center "Infanta Elena", was celebrated, for the first time jointly, the Gala of Sports and Youth Ciudad de Alcantarilla , rewarding athletes, clubs and companies, in the field of sports and for youth participation and commitment and their actions at the individual level with those of Youth.

In a gala that was chaired by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Adela Martínez-Cachá and the mayor of Alcantarilla, Joaquín Buendía, in which were also present the General Director of Sports, Alonso Gómez and Youth, Fran Sánchez, along with the Councilor for Sports and Youth of Alcantarilla, Antonio Martínez Griñán.

The members of the jury of the second Sports Merit Awards of the City of Sewer, decided on the existing proposals - the winners in their different categories, once according to the rules of the contest the Governing Board approved the agreement adopted by said jury.

The athlete, sprinter, of the Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, Sergio López Barranco and his club mate and also sprinter, Celia Cárceles, are the most outstanding athletes, both male and female, of these second Sports Merit Awards of the City of Alcantarilla 2017. While the first Youth Awards the jury proposed and this was also agreed by the Governing Board, such as Juvenile Participation to the Youth Association of Jugger Alcantarilla and the Young Prize of the Year for Ginés Marín Martínez.

The rest of the winners in the Sport, Athlete with the most outstanding functional diversity, Daniel Tárraga Carrasco;

The most outstanding sportswoman with functional diversity: Lola Salazar Guardiola;

To the most outstanding team or sports club: Club Jairis Baloncesto;

To the sporting event or better result at an international level: Mr. Alejandro Martínez Flores;

To the most outstanding sports career: D. Christian Méndez Lacárcel;

To the entity (association or educational center) that has most supported sport at school age: School of Early Childhood and Primary Education "Jacinto Benavente";

To the entity, association or group that has most supported the movement of sports volunteering in the municipality of Alcantarilla: Spanish Red Cross Sewer;

To the means of diffusion that more and better has supported and spread the sporting reality of the municipality: Diario La Verdad;

To the non-sporting entity that has most decidedly supported the sport of the municipality: PLASBEL Plásticos;

Fausto Vicent Award for Sports Merit Ciudad de Alcantarilla: José Antonio García Jiménez.

This Gala of Sport and Youth has also been attended by the members of the Municipal Corporation, the chief colonel of the Alcantarilla Air Base, Francisco Javier Fernández, the dean of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Murcia, Arturo Díaz or the president of the Athletics and Basketball federations, Juanma Molina and Juan Carlos Hernández, as well as sewer senator Nuria Guijarro, along with other civil and military authorities of our Region.

In a Gala that was enlivened by the singer Claudia Hernández Rubio.

With the awarding of these prizes, we want to continue the path we have taken before and to recognize the sports merits achieved during 2017, as we did last year in the first edition of the Awards and even years ago, in the finery of sport that were organized, in an act with the delivery of prizes and distinctions to those athletes, clubs, entities, sponsors and local events that would have deserved it, as well as in its first edition the Youth awards, with a great splendor and having the gratitude, adequate recognition and the support with them of an entire city, such as Alcantarilla.



To the most outstanding sportsman:

Sergio López Barranco

Athlete Junior del Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, sprinter, Best male athlete of the year under-20, in the awards of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia, national gold medalist and international athlete.

Double Gold - Champion of Spain Junior in 60 and 100 meters smooth;

Regional record in 60 and 100 meters flat and by teams in 4 x 100 ml;

Record of Spain by equipment 4 x 100 ml, with the Spanish Selection;

5th place in Europe in 100 meters and 3rd in Europe and Bronze Medal in 4 x 100 ml with the Spanish National Team, all in the 2017 season. But his brilliant work already in 2018 has led him to be Gold Medal, in the Spanish Under-20 Covered Track Championship, held in Ourense, on March 3 and 4, managing to beat his speed test in 60 meters with a time of 6.78 ".

To which we must unite, perhaps his great achievement this year, the Silver Medal, which he achieved against top-level athletes in the Absolute Indoor Coach Championship, held on February 17 and 18 in Valencia.

Sergio was proclaimed runner-up in Spain, in the final of 60 meters, with a time of 6 "75 to three hundredths of the record of Spain sub20, placing second all-time Spanish sub-20 and second in the European ranking of the year sub- twenty.

To the most outstanding athlete:

Celia Isabel Cárceles Muñoz

Athlete Cadet del Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, sprinter.

For his work in the last season of 2017, he received the Gold badge of the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia in his condition of being champion of Spain, with Gold Medal - Champion of Spain Escolar, in 100 meters smooth;

Silver Medal, runner-up in Spain in 60 meters;

Bronze Medal - 3rd Spanish championship in 100 meters;

Regional Record in 60, 100 and 4 x 100 meters and Absolute Record in 60 meters

To the most outstanding functional diversity athlete:

Daniel Tárraga Carrasco

Athlete of the Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, for last season, that of 2017, the Athletics Federation of the Region of Murcia presented him with the Olympic Spirit Award.

In the FEDEMINPS Regional Disabled Championship, he has achieved the Gold Medals in 200 meters, Weight Shot, Javelin Launches and in 4 x 100 teams.

As well as Bronze Medal in 100 meters.

In the Spanish Championship for Disabled of the FEDDI, celebrated in Huelva, it obtained the Bronze Medals of said Championship of Spain in Launch of Weight and in 4 x 100 by equipment.

To the most outstanding functional diversity athlete:

Lola Salazar Guardiola

Swimmer in its category (S8) Adapted Swimming Club of Murcia.

In the AXA Young Promised Championship, he achieved second place in 50 meters Mariposa and 50 meters Free, as well as third place in 50 meters back.

In the School Sports Championship, he achieved the third position in 50 free meters (with 50 seconds of mark) and fourth place in 100 free meters and in the Mar Menor Crossing, in his distance of 200 meters, he achieved the first place in the category feminine

To the most outstanding team or sports club:

Club Jairis Basketball

The Jairis Basketball Club is the oldest basketball club in the Region of Murcia.

He began his sports activity in 1954 on a piece of land in our city, with the help of a group of friends under the name IRIS, the legend says that because of the diverse colors of the improvised equipment of the players.

In the season, in which we are for this second edition of these awards, have achieved the following sporting successes: First place in the first phase of the team of 1st female Division and classification for the promotion phase to LF2;

he has been a finalist in the 1st National Men's;

Female June Champion;

First place in the Regular League of the Women's Team and Finalist in the Final 4. Four of their coaches are currently in the technical staff of regional teams and three of their players are being selected for the regional selections of Murcia.

To the sporting event or better result at the international level:

Mr. Alejandro Martínez Flores

International Futsal referee, resides for a few years in our city, is a referee of the National First Division, in the highest division of the National Futsal League.

Regardless of his extraordinary career at the international level, since the year 2015 promoted to the Spanish First Division, being for three consecutive seasons the best Spanish referee.

For this award that brings us, which is for the period of the year 2017, our referee, got the International Promotion to the First UEFA Referees Group (2017), was present in the Qualifying Round Eurocopa de Naciones (Romania, April 2017), and in the elimination of Playoffs for Eurocopa of Nations of Slovenia 2018 (Serbia, September 2017).

Alejandro has gone to the European football stadium from January 30 to February 10, in the "Arena Stozice" of the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, making history for the arbitration in the Region of Murcia, after becoming the first referee to achieve such a milestone.

To the most outstanding sporting career:

D. Christian Méndez Lacárcel

Few athletes will be able to say that they have had the opportunity to know a sport in all its forms, football, indoor soccer and beach soccer, grass, parquet and sand are the surfaces for which it has always moved between three clubs, although different dimensions, about five years ago he won the silver medal, being the world runner-up with the Spanish Beach Soccer Team, against Russia, before 4,500 spectators of the stadium To'ata Stadium in Pappete (Tahiti).

The number 12 of the Spanish team was already in the retina of all the sewers and all Murcia.

Since 2007, he is an agent of the Fortuna Local Police.

In eleventh football, he started in the bases of the Nueva Vanguardia de Alcantarilla club, in the cadet and youth category, he was part of Atlético de Madrid, where he was champion of Spain and international under 17. Subchampion league of youth champions with Real Valladolid and Play off of promotion to Second A with the Lorca Deportiva.

Later tab by the Swiss Servette of First division.

At the age of 21, after this stage, he approved the opposition for the official and limited himself to playing in the 3rd Division, being the only goalkeeper of the group that in all the history that has scored a goal, he did it to the City of Murcia, in the 2007/08 season, when I was in Jumilla.

He was summoned with the UEFA Regional Team of Murcia for the regions cup, season 2013/2014, where they were third and currently playing in the Edecco Fortuna of 3rd division, group 13. Adding about 300 matches in this group, since the season 2014/2015 until 2017/2018.

Regarding Beach Soccer, with respect to the Spanish National team, it should be noted that since February 7, 2012 and up to date, no call has been missed, with more than 120 internationals, with friendly tournaments in Cancun Cup (Mexico) February 2012, Mayan Riviera (Mexico) May 2013, Pilsener's Cup (El Salvador) April 2013, Reñaca's Cup (Chile) February 2013, Salt Cup (Cape Verde) May 2016, Lagos Cup (Nigeria) - (champions) December 2017, Persian Cup (Iran) January 2018.

And at the club level in Playa Fútbol he debuted with CD Murcia, Valencia CF and Cádiz.

Since the 2014/2015 season plays the Italian league with Livorno BS.

With the Barcelona Football Club, he has been participating in international events since 2014. He has played 3 editions of the European Cup of Clubs: 2015 with CD Murcia, Melistar and Cádiz CF-Sotelo.

Note that at club level has scored 22 goals in all competitions.

To the entity (association or educational center) that has most supported sport at school age:

School of Infant and Primary Education "Jacinto Benavente"

Maximum participation in School Sports competitions, every year has participated in them, The School has always been a reference in school games, regionally historically for its results, proof of this is the exhibition of trophies that the Center exposes for pride of the educational community.

Its students hold important regional championships in basketball, futsal, male and female, as well as finalists in repeated occasions in handball and men's and women's volleyball.

Stand out the Spanish Table Tennis Championship, obtained in 1977 in Valladolid.

Without forgetting the magnificent results harvested at individual level, in athletics and cross country.

To the entity, association or group that has most supported the movement of sports volunteering in the municipality of Alcantarilla:

Spanish Red Cross Sewer

Volunteering in all sporting events that take place in the municipality, being its fundamental contribution to the development of all activities that are organized, either from the City Council, but also in all those that at the level of clubs and sports associations are developed in Sewer .

Their ambulances and their personnel are present, they are visible, in school sports and as we indicated with a very important work.

To the means of diffusion that more and better has supported and spread the sporting reality of the municipality:

The Truth Journal

Means of Communication that in this year has stood out for its publications on our sport, as well as the collaboration with it, focusing it mainly for many years, practically all the history of the Guerrita Cycling Trophy, especially in which the Guerrilla Cyclist Rock organizes the U23 and Elite Spanish Cycling Cup, the second most important national event held in our Region.

But also with attention to other sports, with their weekly chronicles and their rankings and also focusing on the sporting successes of the athletes of the Nutribán Sociedad Atlética Alcantarilla, as it has been with Sergio López, José Antonio Maldonado, Celia Cárceles or more recently with the young and great promise in the March, Pedro Conesa.

To the non-sporting entity that has most decidedly supported the sport of the municipality:

PLASBEL Plastics

Tireless work of sponsorship of this company located in Alcantarilla, both with financial contributions and with collaborations.

It is difficult to find equipment in our city that has not had collaboration in one way or another, always betting on the teams of our municipality and in a large number of sporting events.

Without forgetting the direct sponsorships that they have been exercising for some time.

PLASBEL Plásticos is one of the most important companies of Sewer, of great trajectory like family company founded in 1998 and that counts on two important points of work: Sewer and Qatar, after happening to our city the other installation that they had in Valencia, after the extensions that have been taking place, although Alcantarilla continues being its main center of production, national leader in reusable bags and referents also at a national level in production of garbage bags, films and industrial bags.

Fausto Vicent Award for Sports Merit Ciudad de Alcantarilla

José Antonio García Jiménez

After more than 30 years as a futsal coach in various teams in the Region of Murcia, among them, of course, it is in teams from our population, specifically in Sewer for more than a decade.

Among the trained teams: Papeles Beltrán Alcantarilla juvenil, Seguros Carmona Murcia in its categories benjamín, alevín, infantil and cadet.

With the Club Cordillera in National A;

Mazarron Bay children and cadet;

Plásticos Romero Molina de Segura, in National A, currently in second B;

UCAM Murcia female, in the division of honor, now called first national;

Alcantarilla CFS, the last 15 years, from children's category to 3rd Division, being also president of it.

Being also at regional level, coach of the Murcian Selection Benjamin and Absolute, female.

As for his record, he has been, Champion of Murcia with the Papeles Beltrán Alcantarilla, in juvenile;

Champion of Murcia three consecutive years in the Insurance Carmona Murcia in the categories benjamín, alevín and infantil;

Champion of Spain with Insurance Carmona alevín, as well as other multiple championships, subchamps, promotions and above all working with the bases, especially these last years as coordinator of sports schools.


Prize for Participation (youth):

Youth Association of Jugger de Alcantarilla

The association currently has around 200 associates, part of them are from our municipality and others are from nearby areas (Murcia, Cabezo de Torres, Las Torres de Cotillas, etc.).

During the year 2017 they have carried out the following actions: 4 tournaments of the Levante de Jugger League and to host 3 tournaments of the 2016/2017 league and one more tournament at the end of 2017 of the 2017/2018 league.

They held the opening ceremony of the Liga de Levante de Jugger for the 2017/2018 season.

Participation in the Young October program.

On Friday of October, an exhibition was held throughout the afternoon to make this sport known to the municipality.

In addition, a directed activity of Jugger was also carried out for people of all ages in the municipality that same afternoon.

Realization of a National Tournament of Jugger (Winter Cup).

This year the association was in charge of the organization of this national tournament together with the associations of Murcia and Cartagena.

This tournament is the largest in terms of number of participants nationwide, it is the most welcome.

The association has also been the main promoter of the creation of the Jugger Federation of the Region of Murcia.

Being one of its founding members.

Youth of the Year Award:

Ginés Marín Martínez

She is 17 years old, a student of the IES Alcántara and a great career that we developed: First National Award in the XXX Young Researchers Contest held on January 12, 2018 in Malaga for the research work "Collaborative Economy in suspension".

Prize "Representative of Spain in the XXX European Union Contest for Young Scientistis (2018)" for the research work "Collaborative Economy in suspension".

Stay in the Superior Council of Scientific Research for the research work "Collaborative Economy in suspension".

Source: Ayuntamiento de Alcantarilla

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